Monday, August 18, 2008

Team Lochte and Team USA...

Ahhh, Ryan Lochte. My one hope that Michael Phelps would not dominate the Olympic Games.

Ryan attended the University of Florida the same years that I did. We did not meet (its a shame) but he does still live and train in Gainesville. Good natured guy, very laid back, a jokester, if you will....

He did great these Olympics. While he did not beat Phelps, he did take gold in the 200m backstroke (against Aaron Peirsol) and helped with the gold in the 4X 200m medley.

While I do enjoy a good swim meet, I would have to say that I enjoy gymnastics that much more. And with all the controversy surrounding the Chinese Women's Gymnastics Team and their ages, my heart breaks for the USA Women's Gymnastics Team. The Chinese Team is better. But they would be if they are younger. Younger gymnasts are more flexible, lighter, and have fewer injuries. That being said, a 13 year old going against a 16 year old would definitely win.

While Alicia Sacramone did mess up, I think that had she been competing against girls in the correct age bracket, she would have done much better. The same can be said for Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. But Shawn and Nastia did well and I hope to see them come back next time and do better!
With swimming done and gymnastics about over, it is time to move into track and field. One question: How does Jamaica make such great runners?

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