Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodbye DC...

I moved to DC in August 2007. Having just graduation from college, I was looking for an adventure,  a place to add to the fire of life. 

I certainly found it. 

I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly wonderful my time in DC has been. 

(I am just going to warn you right now, there are a lot of pictures coming up. But you might find yourself in one or two, so take a quick look...)

I started my DC adventure living in a house in Pentagon City with these fabulous women. We could not believe our luck in finding each was truly an amazing house!

I was able to get a job on The Hill working for a Congressman from California. I felt on top of the world! 

My first Cherry Blossom parade experience!

 The first of many "Mary Sponsored Activities"...

...which lead to this magical weekend in Deep Creek Lake.

And my only trip to Harper's Ferry...

Our Emo Halloween...

...followed by a trip to King's Dominion.

I made some amazing friends along the way.

And all of a sudden it was 2009!

Which was the year the Gators won the National Championship. Again.

 That year was also the year Barack Obama became President of the United States and we were able to go to Inauguration and hang out with all the celebrities! 

I started my Master's the year before and quit my job in April 2009 so that I could complete my student teaching that fall. Laura and our moms were kind enough to come up and help me move for the summer...

I came back and was placed in an amazing school but still managed to have some fun

 And fun was had!

The DC Temple was always a great place to visit, especially at Christmas time...

Let's not forget Snow-magedon!

Another wonderful year started with the a bang!

 And a wedding, which allowed for a roommate reunion!

Deep Creek Lake that year had a Havana Nights theme...

 I got a job at my dream school!

And in the fall we went and picked apples

 There were quick trips to NYC
As well as a St. Patrick's Day parade in Harrisburg...

One more visit to Deep Creek Lake

And another wedding...

Suddenly, completely without warning, this man entered my life

But he lived in we couldn't see each other that often.

And I kept chugging along

I moved into a new house with these fabulous ladies
Let's not forget the Halloween kinda-sort murder mystery dinner

 And the Super Bowl!

Then that Canadian asked me to marry him
And we will be married on July 28th, 2012 in the Orlando LDS Temple.

So now, as I pack my things and prepare to move to Canada, I am so grateful to all of you who made my DC experience as wonderful as it was. 

Thank you for all the wonderful memories...


Jane said...

How fun. Congrats again. Good luck!

Ileana said...

What amazing memories and wonderful people that came into your life. I always pray that you are sourounded by sngels and you were. I got teary eyes reliving your experience. I am going to miss DC also!

Meg said...

I got teary, too! Except for that first picture--I look like a monkey. :)

Such great memories. We are blessed!

Peter said...

Adri, this was a fun retrospective. And yeah you probably could have picked a better picture of Meg. Good times.