Friday, June 8, 2012

Nearly there...

I am getting married in

I was going to try to think of a clever intro, but I am too excited/exhausted today

This means, my dear readers, that I am finally closing out the school year and getting ready to leave DC. I am making finals, packing all my stuff (I still have furniture to sell if you are interested...), and starting to say my goodbyes.

Thankfully, the stress of my school life, Prom 2012, was a total success, as you can see...

I was the guinea pig for the photo booth.
And yes, I am part of a zombie apocalypse group. You always have to be prepared!
Let's check with my countdown
Last day with students: 11 days!
(although after today I see each class 3 more times, and that includes the final!)
Leave for Miami: 13 days

I have decided to break down my trip to Miami into three days so I don't get there in total exhaustion. And the best part is, my mom and I are going to meet in Gainesville (GO GATORS!) and then drive the rest of the way to Miami together (there may be some shopping going on, no biggie).

I can't believe how fast the time is flying...

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