Monday, December 29, 2008


This are some of the highlights of Christmas 2008:

In no particular order...
1. Going to the beach on Dec. 27
2. Massages and facials with my mom (thanks Tony!!)
3. Watching Mamma Mia Sing Along with my mom and Mari
4. Quizzing Abuelo on his gift to the Vazquez family (He got them a TV and didn't remember!)
5. Hot cocoa night with the Nielson/Nipper Family
6. Caramel rolls and French bread for breakfast
7. The Reduced Shakespeare Company doing all the works of Shakespeare abridged
8. Noche Buena and trying to escape the creepy missionary
9. Seeing Will, Alvaro and Neysa at church on Sunday
10. Seeing the familia...

I hope your Christmas was as adventurous and wonderful as mine...

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