Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interview--check. Problems--taken care of..

I had my student teaching interview today. So far, I am on track for everything! My advisor is putting everything together, my portfolio, my applications, all sorts of things to present to the schools of my choosing and then I will be placed in one of them for the fall. Its all very exciting.
I'm doing well in all my classes (straight A's!!) and my summer plans are coming together nicely. I am going to be taking a month off of school during the summer. But it is ok, I will only have two classes left after the break.
My only problems:
1. I have to take the Praxis II
2. I have to get my fingerprints done.
1. I will have to take the Praxis II while I am on vacation in Houston. Bummer, but it has to be done. Luckily, it is a early morning test (7:30 am!) and only lasts two hours. It should not cut into any fun...and the results can be sent to Virginia electronically and immediately after I have taken the test.
2. The Capitol offers a fingerprinting service! Whoo hoo! There are some perks to being Congressional staff!

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