Friday, February 6, 2009

Random things a-happening

I worked out last night and this morning. My arms feel like they are about to fall off. Last night I did Zumba, which is a sort of Latin aerobics that is so fun to do! I don't even know where the hour goes! If you are interested in doing it in Northern Virginia, check out Azuka. This morning I worked out with Jillian. She rocks my world...

I have my student teaching interview next week. Basically, I am sitting down with my advisor to make sure that I am on track to student teach in the fall. I'm not nervous, but I just wish that it could be over so that I could make sure that all my application have gone through. I'll keep you posted.

My cousin Claudia has started posting videos of my grandfather that she has taken at random moments. He is a great story teller and is a good sport about all the schemes we come up with that include him. He lives with my parents and I miss him.

More and more I found myself wishing that I lived in Italy. Things seem less complicated in Italy. Maybe one day I will just up and move there. If I can't get a job in Virginia, I wonder if Italy will take me.

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Peter said...

Granted, I mis-pronounce your blog name, I'm still an avid reader. I am also very concerned about your general well being. Just thought you should know.