Monday, February 23, 2009

Seattle loves me!

This past weekend, Meg and I went to Seattle to attend Taylor's wedding. It was my first time in Seattle and I expected great things. Seattle did not disappoint!

The breakdown
Thursday: Travel day. Very long travel day. After landing in Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Meggie and I rented a car and had to get on a ferry to Bainbridge Island (where Tay grew up). Did I know a thing about ferries? Nope, but thanks to a very nice attendant, we got on the right ferry and everyone was happy. It was great to see Tay and her family that night! She put us right to work on the party favors. We spend the night at a friend's house (thanks Pam!)...
Friday: We took the ferry back into Seattle, had lunch with the girls and were then treated to manicures and pedicures. At one point, I think we all passed out in pleasure!

Afterwards, Meg and I picked up Tracy and Mauri and then checked into our hotel in Bellevue (where the temple is located). Mauri opened the window in our room and BAM! the temple was right there. Great location. That night was the rehearsal dinner at Maggiano's. Good food, good company. Great night.

Saturday: The Wedding Day!! We met everyone at the temple and Taylor and Todd got married! It was so fun to see them and there were quite a bit of tears (not from them, from everyone else).

You could just tell they were in love and enjoying the moment. After the ceremony, there were pictures taken, and then everyone went their separate ways. We went to downtown Seattle to Pike Market and walked around and had lunch.

Amazing (we got fresh fruit, cheese and bread for our breakfast in the morning)!! The reception was that night, on Bainbridge Island (yup, on the ferry again!) in a flower shop. It totally fit Tay's personality! We had fun eating sushi and cupcakes and mingling.

And then we had to say goodbye to our friends (who are honeymooning in Hawaii). That night we stayed on Bainbridge Island in a cute little place near the water.

Sunday: Another long travel day. We had our delish breakfast on the ferry and then went to the airport. We got a little lost returning the rental car, and we were disappointed we could not get Chicago style pizza in out Chicago layover, but we all made our flights. Meg and I had a goal of getting home before midnight, which we totally hit. Good times!!

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Peter said...

I feel like I was there. Things that did not suprise me : It looks like it rained. Taylor is lucky to have such good friends.