Monday, October 26, 2009

SNL and Pumpkins

Some of my friends are geniuses (well, you are all very bright, but some of you stand out more than others...hee hee).
I got an evite about a month ago to attend a SNL themed party. We were to dress up as our favorite SNL characters and party it up. Unfortunately, I am not that creative. And I am poor. The best I could come up with was "SNL Host", which really means that I wore a sparkly shirt and wore my favorite red lipstick. And heels. Gotta have the heels.

During the evening, we met with:Denise, from the Lawrence Welk Show (kinda scary, epecially when she was all up in my business)

And lets not forget Hanz and Franz, who proved their strength by cornering me in the kitchen and picking me up. But don't worry, they let me touch their pecs... :)

Ashley was our resident writer and somehow we managed to get everyone is for a group picture!

Story time:
My first Halloween in DC (2007) my house had some guys over to carve pumpkins. We had a great time and really got to know each other. Last year it didn't work out so well, but this year we managed to get quite a few people from the original group back. And don't mess with this group while carving pumpkins, we mean business!!

Stayed tuned, as tomorrow we will be going to the DC Drag Race! Have I mentioned how much I love DC in October??

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