Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some things I would like to discuss...

1. Alysia and I have done very well on our "No Sweets Until Thanksgiving" commitment We just hit the month mark and we have 44 days to go. Easy as pie...yum....pie....

2. We hosted a Breakfast of Champions the other night. And it was gooooodddd!

3. At Institute tonight, someone told me I look like Idina Menzel. Don't get me wrong, I am flattered (Have you heard her sing? Do you know who she is married to??), but I just don't see it. Still, it made me feel good.

4. Can I just make a brief mention of how good the Gators are doing? And Tebow is healthy. That is all.

5. My internship is going very well. I love my students, my cooperating teachers are fantastic and I am home everyday at 3:30. This teaching thing is working out quite well!

6. I am happy.

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