Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Challenge: Week Dos

Oh, the Challenge...

And Challenge it is. I amazed at my weaknesses (as though I didn't know I had them).
I started out really strong. But being unemployed and staying at the house all day (with Leesh) can prove to be fatal to my healthy desires.

But, things I accomplished:
* I worked out almost everyday (I didn't work out on Wednesday, but I worked out twice on Thursday to make up for that. I also didn't work out on Friday, but that was pure laziness).
* I started training for a sprint triathlon that will take place in July in Miami. Sprint triathlons are shorter than traditional ones, so I think that it will be easier for me to be motivated because I won't be training for huge numbers.
* I wrote down what I ate and how much I exercised for most of the week. I forgot how time consuming this can be, but I have to do it.

Goals for this week:
* Workout 5 days a week (6 days is just a little too ambitious for me right now)
* Write down everything
* Try to get out of the house more! As mentioned before, staying in the house is my downfall.

I am ready for a new week!!


Amanda said...

You did fantastic!! Exercising and keeping a food journal are so important, and both of which I am NOT doing yet. I'll get there. LOL

Congrats on a great start!

Jen said...

Congrats and good luck!

LillSis said...

Good luck in the challenge! It is time consuming writing everything down. I'm doing it for the first time ever!