Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Cars, A History

The very first car I ever owned was a Chevy Laberon, (2001). My dad gave it to me my sophomore year of college, driving it from Arkansas to Utah. It made the trip just fine and before he left he made sure it was full of gas. And then it died on the side of the road. Two days after he left.

 My next car was a Nissan Sentra (2002-2004). Great car, super reliable. Well, it was a great car until I got into a car accident. It wasn't my fault, a car ran a red light and I smashed into it. The insurance company said the car was totaled, so I gave it to my uncle and he was able to resurrect it. And drives it to this day.

 The car after the Nissan was a Chevy Tracker, named Cassiopeia (2004-2011). It had four wheel drive and was so much fun to drive. But it did give me problems. Thankfully, I had a fantastic warranty because the engine had to be replaced once and the air conditioning twice. But it made the trip from Miami to Gainesville many times and the drive from Miami to DC a few more.

But my latest car is my favorite. A 2011 Honda CRV. Isn't she a beauty?? We just made the drive from Miami to DC and bonded. I am in love!

 How many cars have you owned?


Laura said...

I love it! I have owned the following: Mom's Grand Jeep Cherokee, GMC Jimmy (the 2-door that would tip on a dime), the green CRV (from St. George) that Ian and I rolled on the turnpike and totaled, a white CRV that was a lease and got dented pretty badly when someone rear-ended me, and lastly my honey-colored CRV since 2005. What a great car it is and I hope it keeps on tickin'!

Peter said...

Two: My Honda Accord which served me ably (more or less) in college, and my BMW 530 which I love love love, but am terrified will someday break down and cost me a lot of money to fix. So far so good.