Monday, November 28, 2011

It happened again... birthday.

I am pretty sure I had a conversation with Heavenly Father last year about my birthday. I thought we had a clear understanding that I had no interest in getting older.

Obviously someone is not listening.


As it so happens, I turned twenty-nine yesterday. The last year in my twenties. Thirty is staring at me, and kinda mocking me.

However, there is some hope. As Jane Austen put it: "It sometimes happens, that a woman is handsomer at twenty-nine than she was ten years before; and, generally speaking, if there has been neither ill health nor anxiety, it is a time of life at which scarcely any charm is lost."- Persuasion

That makes me feel so much better. And it is true. Let us compare

This is at 28

This is at 19.

Not only has my sense of fashion improved (what was I thinking, wearing that skirt with sneakers?), but I now have an overall sense of who I am and where I want to be. From this angle, thirty isn't looking too bad.

This may also have to do with a guy I am seeing. But that is really for another post. Soon. I promise.

And, let's see how my Thirty before 30 list is coming along...

1. Buy a car on my own
2. Reach my goal weight
3. Go to Greece
4. Learn a new language
5. Design a quilt with all my college t-shirts
This is me wrapped in my new quilt, watching the a Gator game. Perfection

6. Go on a blind date
7. Learn how to make gnocchi
8. Attend a St. Patrick's Day parade
9. Survive a zip line through the forest
10. Have some of my writing published
11. Learn how to play guitar
12. Take a cooking class
13. Attend a live session at the Salt Lake Temple
14. Make homemade sushi
15. Go to Chicago and Boston
16. Attend a live broadcast of a talk show
17. Stand in the middle of The Swamp and take it all in
18. Go to Vizcaya
19. Own my own temple dress
20. Have the perfect kiss
More about this in another post
21. Spend a month in a European city, just living 
22. Attend a Jane Austen event 
23. Read more books for pleasure (this is a work in progress, but I am doing really well!!) 
24. Volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen 
25. Pay off my credit cards
26. Visit the Adriatic Sea
27. Be a vegetarian for a month
28. Learn how to box 
29. Learn how to do The Rueda 
30. Get Tim Tebow's autograph

Hmmm, not as much as I wanted. I have nineteen items to complete and one year to complete them. I better get working...

But, I have a feeling this is going to be a great year...

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