Monday, April 23, 2012

Rose Cake: A story

My friend Kate just recently had a birthday. Her husband contacted a bunch of her friends and we put together a surprise party for her. I volunteered to be in charge of the dessert. 

I had been wanting to try a new way of decorating the cake by using the frosting to make huge roses all over the cake. I knew that the frosting had to be pretty stiff in order to make this work, but I also knew that I love my chocolate butter cream frosting. 

I tried to make the roses stick on the side, but my butter cream was melting too fast. Not a problem, I just did the roses on top (they did melt a little) and just did a textured frosting on the sides with embellishments on the bottom of the cake. Not too shabby, I thought to myself.

Because it was raining all day, in order to move the cake I enlisted the help of my roommate Melissa. I walked her to the car with an umbrella as she held the cake. We got to our destination and I opened the car door for her, opened the umbrella with keys in hand...
and managed to drop the keys on the  cake.

Oh, how my heart broke!

We went inside, I managed to take my keys off the cake. And smooth out the roses.
Kinda boring now, isn't it?
 But I did make these little guys. And that was fun. As was the party.

The end.



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