Tuesday, May 8, 2012

30 Before Thirty: Will I finish the list?

I have been seriously slacking on this list. 

I will be honest with you: secretly #32 on this list was get married (but who dares write that on a public goal list?). #31 was to kiss a Canadian (yes, Richard added that one). With 31 and 32 taken care of, I was feeling pretty good about myself. 

And then I remembered why I put this list together. I wanted to improve myself, in all of aspects of my life. So, I am starting to pick things up again. I have six months before I turn thirty (did I really just type that?), and I have a lot of work to do! 

Here is an update:

1. Buy a car on my own
2. Reach my goal weight
(slowly, so slowly, making progress)
3. Go to Greece
(Probably not going to happen, as I am honeymooning in New Brunswick and moving to Ontario)
4. Learn a new language
(Maybe I can pick up learning French again)
5. Design a quilt with all my college t-shirts
6. Go on a blind date
7. Learn how to make gnocchi
8. Attend a St. Patrick's Day parade
9. Survive a zip line through the forest
10. Have some of my writing published
(Does my blog count?? What if I publish my blog into a book?)
11. Learn how to play guitar
(I can tell you this will not happen, as I just sold my guitar)
12. Take a cooking class
13. Attend a live session at the Salt Lake Temple
(I highly doubt this will happen)
14. Make homemade sushi 
(Have you seen this little gadget?? My cousin has it and he loves it!)
15. Go to Chicago and Boston
(Quick trip? Anyone??)
16. Attend a live broadcast of a talk show
17. Stand in the middle of The Swamp and take it all in
(Happening in July!)
18. Go to Vizcaya
(Happening in July!) 
19. Own my own temple dress
Arriving in the mail in about a week!
 20. Have the perfect kiss
21. Spend a month in a European city, just living 
22. Attend a Jane Austen event 
23. Read more books for pleasure (this is a work in progress, but I am doing really well!!) 
24. Volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen 
25. Pay off my credit cards
26. Visit the Adriatic Sea
(see #3 for explanation)
27. Be a vegetarian for a month
(started today!!)
28. Learn how to box
(Maybe I can change this one to run a 5K. Which I will be doing next Saturday)
29. Learn how to do The Rueda 
30. Get Tim Tebow's autograph
(Can someone help me with this? Please?!?)

I have completed twelve on this list. I think I can complete at least six more.

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