Friday, April 25, 2008


I like most sports, but I don't always understand the rules. It has taken many years of football games in order to understand why men voluntarily go into a game to tackle and hit each other (and it is so awesome when they do!)

The same can be said for baseball games.

Now, I have played a softball game or two in my life and really enjoy it. There is something very satisfactory in being able to hit a ball with a narrow stick. But watching a baseball game...eeekkk!

I have gone to a few baseball games this past year and while they have always been fun, that fun was created by my roommates or the drunk people around us. Last night I went to a Nats vs Mets game and totally had a blast. It might have been the friend Quinn invited me to this game and it was his first pro baseball game he has ever been to (he was super excited). It might have been the fact that Quinn actually explained to me what a RBI is and how averages work.

Whatever reason, there was fun to be had for all (with the except of the Mets, who lost by 6!). Now I just need to work on getting to a rugby game and a hockey game!

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megh said...

First person to post a comment! I feel SOOO special.

Looks like you two had a great time! When are you guys ever going to get together? You look so cute! ;)