Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer O' Fun

This summer is about having fun. Monday through Friday I am stuck in an office, and the only view I have is when my boss opens his door and I lean back a little. I see trees!

During the weekends, I try to plan as much as possible, getting as little sleep as possible. The past two weeks have been no different.

Last weekend, a group and I went up to Harper's Ferry to go rafting. This was another one of Mary's great ideas. The day went well, no one died (although I was saved three times by Quinn, and Mary made sure that Meg and I didn't drown). While the rapids were not quite what we expected (we had eight "adults" on the raft), I think we all had a good time. After rafting, we went to this sa-weet place to eat, Cindy Dee's and had some dang good food. And it was cheap!

This past weekend, I went to Miami because my cousin came home from his mission in Argentina. It was so good to see him! We met him at the airport on Friday, beach on Saturday and good eating throughout the entire weekend! He is doing really well and I think will very easily transition into post mission life.

Please tune in next week, as I will be going to The Big Apple with Quinn (its his first time!)

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