Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dr. Fish...

Close your eyes and picture this in your mind. You are on a Caribbean vacation, laying out on the beach. You decide to take a swim and plunge into the ocean, refreshed by the salt water. You swim out a bit, enjoying the view and the freedom the water offers you. You notice a little tickling on your foot, but just kick it away, thinking that the fish are being friendly. All of a sudden, you feel more tickling, as though the fish were attacking you...

This is what I experienced last night. Voluntarily. Allow me to explain.

I am sure you have read or seen on the news about a salon in Alexandria, Virginia that is doing what is known as fish pedicures. People are putting their feet in a tub full of fish and the fish suck away all the dead skin. As soon as I saw it, I called and made an appointment for Myhoa and I.

It was a strange sensation, let me tell you. The first instinct is to move your feet away from the fish, until you remember that you are actually paying them to do this to you. I could feel every single fish that attached itself to me (there are about a hundred in each tub) and it is a fight to resist moving. The women who went after Myhoa and I screamed as though they were in labor, and one acted as though she were having a seizure!

I don't know that I would ever do this again, but it was an experience that I had to do. This salon is the only one in the US that does this. I have heard that some people love it and others hate it. I think that I am...indifferent.

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Rob and Jewls said...

I am so proud of your adventurous side! It looks cool and creepy! I had no idea you had a blog! Can I put a link on my blog to yours? You do so many fun things!-Julie