Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drag Queens and Racing

In DC, there is a wonderful Halloween tradition. On the Tuesday before Halloween, men dress in drag and race 200 yards down Dupont Circle. Jim, Quinn and I, among hundreds of others, went to said event.

It was amazing! And I am sad to say, some of the men looked damn good. The hair was high, the skirts higher and the heels higher than that. Jim and Quinn felt a little out of the loop, but I made sure that they felt included. We were almost squashed in the crowds, but luckily Jim is tall, so he was able to see and Quinn and I stuck together like glue. We started walking down the street and tried to get to the finish line to get pictures, but Jim was shoved back into the crowd by a volunteer security guard...But its fine, we all survived.There was the scary nurse-man that saw Quinn from the distance and made a beeline towards him. Quinn tried to hide behind me but the nurse found him. (I'm not sure why the mask, maybe he was ashamed...)
Then we came upon the sister wives. Hilarious group, with lots of babies. And look, they are multicultural. I love that they all have unibrows. After this picture was taken, they asked Jim to be their new husband, but he quickly declined the honor.
This is perhaps one of my most favorite pictures because we actually know the guys in drag. Please meet Neil and Mark. They ran in the race and were supported by Mark's girlfriend and Neil's wife (who helped apply his lipstick, in a very loving way, after this picture was taken). Good run, guys!
And how can we forget potential future VP Sarah Palin? There were actually several Sarahs that night, but I think this one was the only one with a baby. She did an excellent job.

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