Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008!

I love Halloween. It may be one of my most favorite holidays. This year, Jim and I got together and decided to totally rock out on our costumes. We searched diligently all over the Internet for the perfect accessories for our costume and put it all together. I think we look fantastic! Jim (or Sven as he likes to be called when he is dressed up) and I formed a band, Peace Machine (it has since been dissolved), and managed to find a groupie or two (Quinn, sometimes Meg). It was amazing!We then went out to Mary's party and chatted it up with some friends. Here are some photos from the evening...

On Saturday, we went out to King's Dominion to join in the their annual Halloween Haunt. There were scary clowns inside a 3D maze, vampires (who doesn't love a good vampire?), and great roller coasters. The evening got a little cold, but we fought it and had a great time!

All in all, I would say that this was a fantastic Halloween!

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Team Palin said...

My littler sister saw the pic of you, me and Jake. She wanted to know if I was a "poser". When did it become ok for younger siblings to pick on older siblings?