Thursday, October 16, 2008

A list...

Started reading a new blog, and I like some of the things she had to say. So in honor of Blackbird, here we go:

Things that I love (in no particular order):
1. A strong hug from a friend I haven't seen in awhile
2. My mom's hot cocoa
3. The perfect turkey sandwich
4. Laying in bed with Laura and taking a nap with the TV on
5. Arriving at the final destination on an airplane
6. 6 pm (when I get to go home from work!)
7. Salsa dancing with Aneta
8. A good chick flick that made me cry
9. Finishing a good book
10. Coming home after a long trip
11. Getting pictures of my friends' kids
12. Facebook (even though it takes up so much of my time!)
13. Pedicures
14. Sleeping in my bed with clean sheets
15. Sitting around the table with my family after a good meal
16. Traveling. I don't care where I go, as long as I am going
17. Noche Buena
18. A great pair of black stilettos
19. Lipstick
20. Purses from Chinatown
21. Gator Football
22. A new haircut
23. The perfect pair of jeans
24. Fall
25. Visiting Miami
26. Dancing with Meg in the car
27. Anything Irish
28. The Beach
29. Broadway shows
30. Cinque Terre

Things that I hate (is hate too strong of a word?):
1. Dripping toothpaste on my shirt
2. Getting dressed and realizing I should have done laundry
3. Slow drivers
4. Being sick
5. Rejection. Any kind really sucks
6. Dieting (and yet I do it)
7. Working out (and yet I pretend to do it)
8. Arguing with my mom
9. Moving (I like moving to new places, it the process of moving that I hate)
10. Interviewing for jobs
11. Waiting. Any kind of waiting
12. Bras
13. Finishing a good book (it means I have to find another!)
14. Annoying laughter
15. Pimples
16. The fact that I wasted so many years
17. Voicemail
18. Broccoli
19. Leaving places that I am visiting
20. Blisters
21. Exhaustion
22. Politics
23. Bad hair days
24. Dirty bathrooms
25. Men who dress badly
26. Cleaning my room
27. Missing a turn and having to make a U-turn
28. Not being able to find something at the grocery store
29. The drive between Gainesville and Miami
30. Moving on

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Anonymous said...

Dancing with Meg in the car is the greatest. Gosh, she's so fun.