Friday, October 17, 2008

Warning: Long blog about travels

Ok, ok, after Quinn threatened me yesterday about not blogging about Miami, I figure it was time that my audience (I think there are about 30 of you now, and please, comment) see some pictures and hear some stories.
1. New York with Aneta.
Aneta and I have been trying to travel together forever! We wanted to go to London for Thanksgiving, but alas, the poor graduate students could not pull it off. So we opted for New York City instead. It was the perfect weekend. Even with the rain. Carolina was a gracious host (as always) and let us crash on her sofa bed. We saw a great show with the guy who played the original Fiyero in Wicked, Norbert Leo Butz. We also went up the Empire State Building (we had some great luck because the entire weekend the weather was supposed to be crap. But the day we went up, it was reasonable clear). We shopped in Chinatown and had lunch in Little Italy. Could I have asked for more??
Here are some pictures:

This is Aneta in a Starbucks (it was a little chilly and she needed coffee). The other picture is me at the Empire State Building gift shop.

And of course, the majestic city of New York, with the Hudson and New Jersey in the background.

It was a wonderful trip and Aneta and I proved to be great travel companions. We are hoping to hit two continents during the summer of 2010, after we have both graduated.

2. Miami with Jim and Quinn
Several months ago, when Quinn and I were first becoming friends with Jim, it came out that both Jim and Quinn were Dolphins fans. Miami Dolphins. Here we have two men from the west, loving a southeastern team. It was a friendship made in heaven. What sealed the deal was that I was from Miami. BFF forever.

So we bought plane tickets and I informed my family that we were coming. I warned the boys about the language issue, warned them about the loudness of my family, and threatened to leave them in Little Havana if they were got out of control. They came anyway.

Saturday we spent the morning at the beach. In a rainstorm. We fought the wind and the rain and then had a picnic.

See how bad the water looks? As we were driving to the beach, it was a literal downpour. But there was a small patch of blue (that went away when we got to Key Biscayne).

Then we went to Dolphin mall, looking for Dolphin gear, and spent way too much money on other things. And did not buy Dolphin stuff. We went to Wal Mart and had much success.

That night we went to Versailles with Laura and Ian, then went back to Laura's house for some Halloween cookies (thanks Olga!!)

Dang, we are a good looking group! That night I had to order all the food, as the waiter did not speak English. But he did provide English menues for the men, as none of the three spoke English. The waiter and I had a little inside joke about that, and we laughed a little. Laura and I shared a bistec empanizado (Quinn had his own), which was delish, and had Iron Beer (heaven). Jim's vaca frita was also delish...

The next day was the Dolphin game, which I did not attend. All I have to say is that the Dolphins won. And when I picked up the boys from the game, they smelled. But I have never felt so much love in my life, as they congratulated themselves on going to the game, the Dolphins for winning the game, and me for providing a means to go to the game. It was wonderful.

For those wondering, I did put those tats on them. And while you may think they have enough Dolphin gear on, no no, they purchased more at the stadium. And got both Meg and I little pink beanie babies with the Dolphin Logo. Thanks boys!

The next day was South Beach, Bayside, and the Everglades. While we were walking around South Beach, I ran into an old boyfriend. I don't want to get into details, but Jim and the boyfriend got into a little fight. Jim, as I am sure you all know, won. And had a shiner to prove it. Thanks for defending my honor!

Us three, before the fight. Jim is still a little angry in his picture. Maybe I should have waited to take it. But, I wanted proof. 'Nouff said.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bayside and decided to get Henna Tattoos.

Ignore what Jim is doing to my neck...When the guy was doing our tats, they were black. He did not inform us that they would peel and stain our skin a poop brown. Thanks. Jerk.

We then drove to the other side of Miami to go to the Everglades, someplace that I have been going to every summer for years. We got on the air boat and headed off. Then the guide said to get out. Which the boys (after rolling up their shorts) promptly did.

Not to worry, there are no snakes and gators in this part, there is not enough cover....

I did not get in as I was wearing jeans. Instead, I posed with Josh, our official Coopertown Everglades Tour Guide. Sad to say, we only saw one gator...Besides, I have been going to the Everglades since I was a kid. I had nothing to prove by getting into the water. Nothing!!

But we did get to hold gators!! I really don't know why the boys decided to try to kiss the gator. It kinda freaked the gator out and when I went to hold him, it started squirming, and you can see the terror in my face. I saw myself losing a finger!

After this, we headed off to dinner with my mom, and then to the airport. I think the three of us did really well as travel companions. I look forward to traveling with them again.

3. Gainesville
Many of you know that I attended the University of Florida and enjoyed my time there. And I learned to love Gator Football.
When I decided to go to Gainesville for my annual trip, I choose Columbus Day Weekend, because I would have Monday off and LSU would be playing Florida.
The weekend was fantastic. Great shopping with Laura, Olga and my mom. Great food (love Satchels and Liquid Ginger!). Small car accident (no worries, no one was injured). And the Gators won (It was a massacre, really)
It was such a good weekend, we didn't stop! And we only took 2 pictures.
These were both taken at the farm, a place that I love. Thank you to the Nielsons and the Nippers for being gracious hosts, and Ian, thanks for letting Laura sleep on the couch with me. It was like old times...


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