Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My 10 favorite memories of 2008 (These are in no particular order. And this in no way takes away from the million other moments of wonderfulness in 2008, but these are the most memorable):

1. Getting ready with Quinn, Jim and Meg in the bathroom for Halloween. The place was covered in water (we were putting on fake tattoos), hairspray, and makeup.

2. Eating at a tavern with my mom in Williamsburg. It had started rain and we ducked in, to find good food and great entertainment.

3. Being the first one to jump into the lake at DCL. We had been in the hot tub for a little while and someone dared me to jump in the lake. Done.

4. Going through the temple. I love that my aunts made it a priority to be there with me and my mom during this very important part of my life. And thanks to those who were there for it.

5. Playing Bocce Ball in Baltimore. Random fun, new friends and good food. It was the beginning of an incredible summer!

6. The Fourth of July Fun Run. It was a race around the neighborhood and Quinn and I decided that he needed to win. I waited around the corner with my car and he jumped in and hid as I passed all the other runners. We parked at my house and he crossed the finish line. Amazing!

7. Mojitos at the Cuban bar on the cruise with Laura and our moms. Laura had never had a mojito, but she learned to like them very quickly. It was fun to just sit back and enjoy...

8. Getting to know my roommates in weird and random ways. I love when we sit around after a meal and just talk...

9. The Dome Tour of the Capitol Rotunda. Amazing experience with some incredible views of DC.

10. Making the memories with you. 2008 was an amazing year and I am so blessed with the friends and family that I have.