Monday, April 13, 2009

Bring it on!

I would have to say that in my family, we like to eat. Perhaps too much. But in a Cuban family, most celebrations are centered around food. Heck, even when we are not celebrating, we are surrounded by food.

But enough is enough! A few weeks ago, I contacted some family members and I challenged them to a Biggest Loser type competition. We each put in $50 and we will do our final weigh in on June 6 (the day before we leave for Europe). The winner gets all the goods, and the losers get the satisfaction of being in better shape (see, we all win!).

In order to make sure that I win, I rejoined Bally Total Fitness and in my rejoining package, I got personal training sessions, one a week for five weeks. Not too shabby (plus, I want to win the competition!). Today was my first session.

Muscles were worked out that I didn't know I had. Manny (my trainer) trains the Puerto Rican Boxing Team, and right away he noticed that I was pretty strong. Maybe I should have pretended that I was weak... We did some boxing stuff and I didn't want to look like I couldn't do what he was asking (I could, just not as fast as he wanted me to). But I survived, and came home and died. My next appointment with him is next Wednesday.

I might not make it to Europe.


meg said...

Can I be a big loser, too?

Julie Bradshaw said...

Way to go! You might feel like dying now, but it will get easier and soon those I'm-so-sore-I-want-to-die days will turn into man-I'm-sore-but-this-feels-great days! :)