Monday, April 6, 2009

So much to tell...

It has been a week since I have blogged and so much has happened!

The weekend that I left, Mom, Laura and Olga came into town to drive me to Miami. We got to see some amazing things, including Mount Vernon, Annapolis and the Capitol.

The drive to Miami was long (we had a lot of bathrooms stops) but we made it in one piece. Mom and Olga drove all the way to Miami, but I stopped in Gainesville for a couple of days to enjoy.... I stocked up on Gator goods and enjoyed time with Laura and Ian (anyone want to buy their house?).
I drove the rest of the way to Miami on Wednesday and on Thursday got on a cruise with my family. We had a blast (except for the two times that we lost Abuelo on the ship), and enjoyed all that Cozumel to offer (the beach!!) We ate lunch at Fat Tuesday and we probably gained 5 lbs. So worth it.And I think that I have proven that indeed, the Gator Nation is everywhere...Until next time....

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Lela said...

Adrianita - Hi! I'm so glad you're enjoying After the Bubbly. I'm really working on it right now. I hope you'll found some *amusement* in my post about the PTA -
but now reading that you're studying to be a teacher, well... I'm sure you will be one of the great ones!
Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful travel-ful summer!