Thursday, April 23, 2009

My mom...

She is a funny lady. She is full of great, quirky sayings. However, she does sometimes confuse things, like instead of saying "Houston, we have a problem" she said "Texas, we're in trouble".
But I digress.

In preparation for our trip to Europe, my mom has been scouting out new shoes to wear. She finally bought a pair from Ecco:
She absolutely loves these shoes and wears them often to work because they are so comfortable. We were in her classroom today and I told her I was worried because she was turning a little granola. We had a little laugh and went about our day.

A few hours later, she asked me, "Are you sure I'm a granola bar?"...
Enough said.


Quinn Cikaitoga said...

Have you ever ate at Four Brothers?

Julie Bradshaw said...

Ha ha!! Adri, it must be a mom thing. My mom says things like "disked" (for diss), puts a question mark after "word", and calls that Chuck Norris show "Texas Walker Ranger". There are so many more in her treasure trove...I love moms.

Ashley Custer said...

My personal favorite from my mom is when I sent a message laughing ironically about Ban Ki-Moon calling Snoop-Dogg his peep and referencing "Hard Knock Life" in a clean water project message and she responded that she thought clean water was too serious to be a laughing matter.

Moms - you give us so much pleasure in our lives - bless you.

PS - my word verification is ashwaysm, as I have been called Ashquay in the past, this was generated just for me.