Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 In 2010 Challenge

Remember when I wrote about the 10 in 10 Challenge a few weeks ago? And how Lori Lange challenged her readership?

It started today.

Every Saturday I am going to blog about the Challenge and how I did with my goals...I suppose I should tell you what my goals are...

1. Exercise six times a week (I will give it a rest for the Sabbath)
2. Eat more fruits, veggies and filling foods
3. Lose 15-20 lbs
4. Be able to travel without going crazy and eating
5. Write everything down (what I eat and how much I exercise)

Rewards for achieving my goals:
1. Manicure and pedicure (wanna come with me?)
2. Haircut with my favorite stylist
3. Massages
4. New clothes
5. Traveling

So this is it. The Challenge will take us to the second week in March and hopefully there will be some great results and goals achieved!
(And by the way, the first day started out great. I worked out and went grocery shopping for healthy foods. I feel super motivated for the week!)

1 comment:

janine said...

good for your adri!

and yes, i want to come!