Tuesday, March 9, 2010

30 Before Thirty

I am not thirty years old. Heck, I am not even twenty eight (when I turn twenty eight, you will hear the wailing).
But I have several friends who are thirty or near there. One friend created a list of 30 things that she wants to do before she turns thirty. This made me sit back and think about all the things that I am not doing, but could be.

Therefore, I too have created a 30 Before Thirty List. Some of them are a little more labor intensive than others, but I think that I will learn a lot about myself as I embark on this journey.

So without further ado, this is my 30 Before Thirty List:

1. Go skydiving
2. Reach my goal weight
3. Go to Greece
4. Learn a new language
5. Take a cake decorating class
6. Go on a blind date
7. Learn how to make gnocchi
8. Go to Northern Ireland
9. Survive a zip line through the forest
10. Have some of my writing published
11. Learn how to play guitar (for real this time)
12. Take a cooking class
13. Attend a live session at the Salt Lake Temple
14. Make homemade sushi (and not die)
15. Go to Chicago and Boston
16. Attend a live broadcast of a talk show
17. Stand in the middle of The Swamp and take it all in
18. Go to Vizcaya
19. Own my own temple dress
20. Have the perfect kiss
21. Spend a month in a European city, just living
22. Try snowblading again (I fell and tore my ACL the last time I did it)
23. Read more books for pleasure
24. Volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen
25. Refinish a piece of furniture
26. Visit the Adriatic Sea
27. Be a vegetarian for a month
28. Become a Zumba instructor
29. Learn how to do The Rueda
30. Get Tim Tebow's autograph

I will update you periodically to let you know how I am doing...should be fun!

1 comment:

Louise said...

Fabulous! I just so happen to L-U-V both Boston and Chicago. Just sayin' I'm game any time. And my sister lives in Boston, so that's eezy peezy.