Friday, March 5, 2010

A Tiara and a Wand

Did you get a tiara at your job today? I did.

Today was my last day working at a particular high school in my school district. You may remember when I was hired and how excited I was to have a regular job for a little while. I taught three classes of 10th grade English, a SOAR class and one class of 12th grade AP English....

When I walked into the AP class today, I was bombarded with balloons, confetti and flashes from the camera. A tiara was placed on my head, a wand in my hand and the music was cranked up (which we quickly turned down, just in case!).

My kids threw me a great Goodbye Party and did a fantastic job with decorations, food and games. And even though they had to turn in some work (although not all did) they made the day very special. Thanks again!!

(As a side note, in my other classes I had a poem written about me, offering to take me out to dinner and a song written about me to the tune of Beyonce's Halo. It was a such a good day!)

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