Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Much...

I know. I suck. My last post was...too long ago. But I have been busy! I promise! I would never abandon you without a good reason.

Reason #1. I packed all my stuff in DC and flew to Miami.

Reason #2. I went on a cruise with the family.

Reason #3. Eclipse opened (This took a lot of planning. We even made shirts!)

Reason #4. Abby is too cute.
But rest assured, I will be blogging regularly from now on. I am heading to Barcelona today (I am writing you from JFK airport, passing the time on my EIGHT HOUR layover) and will be updating on my adventures.

Please accept my apologies. Can we be friends again? Please???

(Plus, I have to fill you in on details on how my 30 Before Thirty List is coming along. You don't want to miss this!)

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love how much you love Abby. She's so lucky to have a Tita like you.