Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to Sevilla!

Allow me to properly introduce you to Seville...

This is the view from my room

 This is some strange transportation depot that has been under construction for the past 10 years and just recently opened. I don't get it.

The old cigar factory, now part of the University of Seville
 View of the river as the sun is going down

 Carriage rides

 And what Seville is famous for: The Cathedral. Christopher Columbus is supposedly buried there.

The trip has been really fun so far. My staff has been amazing, four girls and two guys. We have been touring the area and trying to put together a program that the kids will love. And we have really been enjoying the food!

The kids are arriving on Sunday and I think we are about ready for them. The heat has been pretty bad, but we manage to push through and are surviving! Thankfully my hotel has a pool!

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