Saturday, July 2, 2011

Calm before the storm

You may be wondering what I do all day while in Seville. For the moment, my days are filled with meetings, scoping out the city, and negotiating prices for my kids. Thankfully, this program is in its 10th year, so a lot of the basics are set up and we just have to confirm numbers and buses. My staff has been really great about running errands and figuring out the city. They are a solid group, really diverse, from professional rugby players to spanish teachers.

Tonight we were able to take some time off and prepare for the students arrival (tomorrow!). We went to the pool and then to dinner, followed by a movie, Midnight in Paris.  Such a great movie. I know that I didn't pick up on all the literary and artist references, but I like to think I did okay.

The heat has been pretty bad in Seville, but because I am in the office a lot, I haven't really experienced it. When I do get outside, the first thing I search for cold water, which is actually pretty hard to find on the streets. I am constantly asking bartenders for cups with ice (they usually give me two cubes...).

Anywho, the kids arrive tomorrow and that is when our adventure begins. We have plans to go to a bullfight, a flamenco show (and lesson!), to go up La Giralda (the tower of the Cathedral) and all sorts of wonderful things. The pictures will certainly get more interesting!!

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