Monday, July 11, 2011


Ok, ok, so I have been a bad blogger. But I have an excuse! I am busy. No, seriously. I am that busy.

But I thought it would be fun to point out the good and bad things of my trip so far.

Let's do the bad first:
1. Last Monday, I found out my debit card had fraudulent activity on it from three weeks ago and the bank didn't tell me and they sent me a new one that arrived the day I left.
2. The charger on Manaza gave out. The new charger cost me 80 euros (OUCH!!)
3. Realizing I forgot my temple recommend in my purse in my storage unit (I need it for my cousin's wedding in August). 

The good:
1. Getting a new debit card today
2. Staying at this hotel this past weekend

3. Walking past this every night

4. Seeing interesting graffiti every where I go

Overall, I can't complain...
Here are some random picture I think you would enjoy...

Port Banus, just outside of Marbella

My favorite statue in Sevilla

This is a recycling container!
 Laura- do you think Abby would wear this for Halloween?? :)

A little nostalgia for days past? 

Sevilla has not disappointed! There is always something going on and I have discovered wonderful things about this city. 
I promise to be better about blogging! Now that we have entered the second week, things are a little more calm, and I should be able to share more stories and pictures...


Kat said...

I <3 living vicariously through you Adri! More pics please :) Hope you're having a great time! I miss you here!!

Patricia said...

Sevilla sounds AMAZING. And by some nice "hip action" do you mean "pelvic thrusts"?

PS Is there a way that I can get your temple recommend for you?