Friday, July 15, 2011


I am not quite sure I knew what my reaction would be once I attended the bullfights. I don't like to see creatures in pain, but the history and the art of bullfighting is a tradition. I did surprisingly well, but for your benefit, I will not go into too many details about evening. 

In Seville, during the summer, bullfighting is not very popular. Most of the residents of Seville are at the beach, so the matadors use this time to train. Last night we watched three matadors compete (all three were beginners, although the third guy was pretty good. He had a really good hip thrusting going on).

 This was our first matador, the worst of the three. His form was not great and he seemed a little unsure of himself.

Our second matador was better, although short. He was able to get amazingly close to the bull, but was nicked in the back at one point by the bull's horns.

The third matador was the one who really put on the show. His form was fantastic and he was composed the entire time.

The third matador won for the evening (does anyone know how the points system works in bullfighting?). He was thrown flowers and tokens from the stands and walked around collecting them.
 He looks like he is twelve years old. And he is as skinny as a bean pole.
I don't think I will ever go to another bullfight, it is one of the those things that once is enough. 

One story I did want to share: After the bulls were killed, everyone in the audience starting waving white handkerchiefs in the air. I asked someone about that and they said it was to help the bulls' spirits reach heaven faster for the valiant fight they just participated in. After the kids heard that, they started grabbing pieces of paper and waving them in the air, wanting to be part of the crowd.

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myhoa said...

so fun that you got to see this. and a big thanks for leaving out the gross details. love that you're having fun.