Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Alive!

Its true. I am alive.

I don't even know how I got so behind on blogging. The summer exhausted me and by the time I recovered, I had too much to catch up on.

So, very briefly, this is what you missed...

From Spain, I flew to Paris with five of the kids I worked with. I met up with the group that had summered in Florence and we had fifteen kids in total. That number was so much better! I love Paris!

My next stop was London. Remind me again why I don't live there...I was able to visit inside of Westminster Abbey (I was too cheap to have done that before) and saw Wicked. Amazing!

This is not Westminster Abbey. This is Buckingham Palace.

When I got back from Europe, I had one day to recover and the Pando family flew to California to attend Derek and Stephany's wedding. It was an amazing day!

We were able to do all sorts of fun things, including hiking (yes, that is us in a tree) and biking the Golden Gate Bridge.We even got to visit my aunt in Antioch.

When we got back from California, me and my mom joined the Nielson/Nipper clan for a quick trip to Gainesville. We now have the tradition of celebrating Laura's birthday out there...
And while I was walking around the mall, I bumped into this good looking was fate. 

After getting back from Gainesville, we had to deal with Hurricane Katrina. I had planned on staying in Florida an extra week, but the hurricane changed those plans. I quickly gathered my things and flew to DC, only to have Katrina hit the DC area three days later. Thankfully, the damage wasn't too bad. 

I then had to start getting ready for school. I set up my classroom and attended lots of meetings.

For Labor Day, a group of us got a house in Cape May. It was so relaxing and wonderful, I didn't take any pictures! But I did take pictures on the ferry on the way to Cape May. And that will have to suffice.

 My ward had a retreat a few weeks later and we had a blast. It was a little cold and rainy, but I think we all enjoyed it. A big thanks to those who set it up!

During the Games. We named ourselves "The Nunnery"

This was while we were watching the BYU/Utah game. My Gators had won
earlier in the day, so I was just happy.

And so here we are. All caught up. You should expect some posts about a new house I am moving into (next week!), some Gator football (we play Alabama on Saturday), and a quick trip to Miami to see the Dolphins/Broncos game. 

Its gonna be great!


Ileana said...

So good to have you blogging again. I am ready for bed though, tired from all the traveling!

Patricia said...

What a great summary of your life!