Thursday, February 23, 2012

A treat!

With my first trip to Canada, I didn't know what to expect. Frozen tundra, polar bears walking the streets? 

I was going in December, and was told it was going to be cold. As in really cold. Canada cold. So my mom bought me a new coat (yes, we bought it in Miami!), which got the approval from my cousin-in-law, Ashley, who lived in Michigan and is my go-to adviser for cold weather. So far, that coat has saved me from temperatures that dipped down to 7F. Yuck.

I look like an Eskimo! Notice the bare feet...
But I am not here to talk about the cold weather of Canada (which I am sure will take up plenty of posts next winter). 

Back to my story. 
I didn't know what to expect when I got to Canada. Richard's mother, good woman that she is, gave us a dessert that has changed my life. Richard grew up on these and told me about them, but until I tried them, I had no clue.

Have you heard of Nanaimo Bars

If not, I am sorry. It is something that the Canadians are selfishly keeping to themselves. I mean, the French shared crème brûlée. The Italians shared cannolis. I'm just saying...

  Let me describe it to you. 
The bottom layer is a mixture of chocolate, crumbled graham cracker, chopped almonds, and shredded coconut.
The middle layer is a custard mixed sugar.
The top layer is chocolate ganache.

Heaven in your mouth.
These are pink in the middle because I made them for Valentine's Day. 
 I am looking forward to seeing what other culinary treats Canada has to offer...

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