Sunday, March 4, 2012

A mismash of thoughts

Wedding Planning
Temple? Check.
Reception Site? Check.
Photographer? Check.
Wedding Dress? Check.

I had my first nervous breakdown last week. It was just after calling the 50th venue for the reception. And everything was booked. Everything. The next day, I found a reception site. A perfect one, one that will fit all of my guests, allow an outside caterer, and one that I don't have to do much to the space because it is an art museum. Prayers are answered!

I guess I haven't made it very clear what my plans are after Richard and I are married. 
I am moving to Canada.

Let me repeat that. 

I am moving to Canada. 

No, its true. 

And no, I am not giving up my US citizenship. I am becoming a permanent resident of Canada. And my children will have dual citizenship. And my mom will probably have a little studio apartment where she will live when it is not snowing in Canada, which is approximately 6 days out of the year (Richard is trying to convince me it gets warm in Canada. I don't believe him).

Do I have to learn the Canadian National Anthem?

"O Canada"


Ileana said...

Nice anthem. Do I need to learn it too? Can Tony live in the studio apartment with me?

Claudia said...

Oh whoa!! That is so neat! I am so excited for you :) The things we do for love...I moved to the middle of nowhere for my hubby and you are moving to a frozen tundra for yours! hehe TOTALLY WORTH IT! I love being married and I know you will too :)