Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A road trip

I'm not sure if you are aware, but I am moving to Canada. Though I never thought I would say those words, I am excited to see what Canada has to offer.
My mom likes to joke that she used to pray for me to find the right man to marry. Apparently the Lord answered her prayers entirely. She blames herself for not naming the location.

For Memorial Weekend, Rich and I had this great idea to pack a bunch of my stuff in my car and drive it up to his house. Nine and a half hours away. We figured if we could handle being in the car for that long together, we could handle anything that marriage throws our way.

See the smile? I believe this was hour two or three...
I am happy to report that we made it with no problems (beside the fact that we were stuck in a car for a million years. That gets old mighty quick). We sang songs, told stories, ate a lot of Muddy Buddies and Goldfish..and made it to his house a little after midnight.

In awesome news, we didn't even have trouble at the border. See, I am not supposed to look like I am moving to Canada. I managed to pack all my stuff in vacuum pack bags put in suitcases so you couldn't tell what I was bringing up. Magically, the border control guy didn't even get up as he was questioning us. Rich and I were both pleasantly surprised how easy it was to cross the border.

(Ask me about crossing back into the US. When the guard asked me where I was born, for some reason I said Miami, which is totally not true. He looked at my passport, looked at me like I was a crazy person and said "Your passport says Texas". I tried to explain while that was true, I grew up in Miami, blah blah blah...he just laughed at me and waved me through)

I drove back to DC on Monday and was making great time until hitting traffic about an hour and half outside the city. But I made it safe and sound and now I am in the process of selling my furniture and kitchen stuff and packing the rest of my stuff. 

And I leave for Miami on June 21st.

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Mary said...

June 21 is too soon!!! Also, a few weeks ago I got my wisdom teeth pulled- I had to get medication at the pharmacy & she was putting in my birthday- she asked me what mine was and I claimed it was Jan. 1st. It isn't, nope. Thats what I tell the internet when I want privacy. I tried to explain this to her. I was also on painkillers. She cautiously filled my script.