Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day...

I'm sure that all of you know that I am pretty close to my mom. The high school years were not easy, but I think that what has emerged from those years is something really special.
I like to treat my mom to special things. For her 50th birthday, I sent her and my stepdad on a cruise. But in turn, she bought me a car. I guess we like to treat each other.
This Mother's Day, I racked my brain thinking of things to get her. Nothing came to me. And then, click! I was going to fly to Miami and surprise her! Please watch the following clip:

As you can see, it worked like a charm! And it was a good thing I showed up that day, because she was doing all sorts of Mother's Day crafts with her students, and she really needed the help. So I guess that was an added bonus.

We were able to go the beach, shopping and visiting with old friends (we also visited Abuelo in the hospital, he was admitted on Wednesday because of pneumonia, but was released on Saturday, and is recovering nicely).

I hope everyone had as nice a weekend!

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Myhoa said...

Way too cute! You and your mom really have something special. I'm really glad it all worked out. Hugs to you both.