Sunday, May 31, 2009


I love my cousins. Because I didn't grow up with my brothers and sister, my cousins took on the roles of my siblings. I was lucky enough to live next door to some of my cousins for a good chunk of my childhood, and the ones that lived in Texas and Louisiana were always fun to hang around with and get to know.

This week, my cousin Alina (from Texas) joined us in Miami. I have seen Alina a lot this year (in Houston and DC). It has been so fun to be around her!
She is not only beautiful and smart, she can also cook!!
A good Pando get-together always includes a Hot Cocoa night!

I couldn't resist putting up pictures of my mom's hot cocoa and the bread the we dip in the cocoa. I love the picture of the bread because you can totally see Marina dipping her bread into the hot cocoa. Yum!

What a fantastic looking family. It must be the Pando gene...

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