Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Arkansas Diamond Rush and Memorial Day

This past weekend I went to see my dad in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Did you know that my dad lives in Arkansas? Does it surprise you?

I haven't seen my dad since I graduated from college, which was in 2006. I figured it had been a while so I coordinated with my stepmother and flew out for Memorial Weekend.

I flew in on Friday and we headed southeast towards Little Rock to spend time with my stepmother's family and spent the night there . On Saturday morning, we got up early to go diamond mining. Did you know that this is the only place in the world where you can go and search for diamonds and keep what you find? Unfortunately, we only found some crystal, but we did laugh a lot and we got really muddy. My sister actually plopped down into the mud and started making mud pies. My brother threw rocks into holes full of water.

On Memorial Day, we went to see the parade downtown. My brother is on the marching band at school (in the picture, he is the tall blond with glasses in the black shirt) and we saw horses. A lot of horses!! Like over a 1,000 (1,040 to be exact). There was a lot of horse poop on the ground.

I also got to see my other brother Eric (well, he is my stepbrother, Tony's son, but I love him all the same, so he is my brother) and his family. I would like to report that my nephew and nieces are doing great and are all beautiful. Gorgeous I tell you! I can't believe how fast they are growing!!
Monday night, we went to the Old Fort Days Rodeo and got to see all 1,040 horses again. And all the usual rodeo stuff, including the One Arm Bandit (8 time winner of Rodeo Act of the Year). Got to see some mighty fine looking cowboys... Awesome!

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Peter said...

Quinn and I love the Duggars episode about that diamond field. We missed you in MD.