Monday, May 11, 2009

First Grade Chaos, An Opera Miracle, and Mother's Day

To pass the time, I spend a lot of time in my mom's classroom. It works out well because I need observation hours for school, so everyone wins.Mother's Day in my mom's classroom is a big deal. She has the kids do crafts to give to their moms and she has all the moms come to school on Friday for a presentation and breakfast. Last year I surprised my mom by flying in and was able to help her with all the Mother's Day crafts that she had going on. This Friday was a little crazy, but everything came together...

Friday night we had tickets to the opera. Madame Butterfly is in town and I jumped at the chance to see it again. Mom and I wanted to catch dinner before, so we went to a sushi restaurant and told our waitress we wanted to make it to the opera. 17 minutes later, we were paying our bill. It was truly an opera miracle. The opera was wonderful (Marina joined us, however, she was not aware that is was a 3 hour performance. It was fun to inform her...).

All I have to say about Saturday is that it was perfect. A day at the pool. Happiness.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Alo, Daniel and Javi cooked the main meal (Argentine empanadas and gnocchi), Claudia took care of the salad and I did the appetizer and the dessert. It was a great meal and I think that our moms enjoyed it.

All in all, a perfect weekend...

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CJB said...

You are a seriously talented chef! Everything looks so delectable!